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Licenses and Permits

Regulation of licensing and permitting system related to entrepreneurial activity in the Republic of Azerbaijan (excluding the financial markets) is regulated in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 10 of Article 94 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

What is a license?

Licenses and Permits - Licenses and Permits issued by the state or administrative authority for all types of business activity, regardless of their legal form and for individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activities without the establishment of a legal entity.


What types of activities need licenses and permits?

Licenses and permits are required for activities that affect national security, which involve the use of limited natural resources, which may adversely affect the environment and the environment, and endanger the life, health and property of a limited number of individuals. According to the Licensing and Permits Act, private medical activities, pharmaceutical activities, educational activities, engineering search of buildings and installations that require construction permits, designing of buildings and structures that require construction permits and information permits are required; 29 types of activity, with or without state security licenses, 86 permits for activities, including construction and installation of equipment, installation, maintenance and repair of fire-protection systems and facilities, IP-telephony (Internet telephony) are.


Unilegal Consulting is a reliable licensing provider.


Unilegal Consulting, which has been operating in the area for nearly 5 years, is always ready to provide you with professional services in obtaining licenses and permits for the types of activities required under the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Licenses and Permits. Your satisfaction with our services has become a priority for us.

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